Feel the care of an intelligent guide.

Megan dedicates her life to sharing the wisdom, compassion and joy she’s discovered through the generous guidance of her many teachers. If you’re ready to address movement patterns, ready to breathe, ready to develop your awareness, spiritual inquiry, and engagement with life, Megan is ready for you. Every moment is yours to learn and share. May everything you learn serve all living creatures.

Highly trained, committed and kindhearted, Megan weaves insight from the ancient and evolving tradition of yoga and all those sage souls who remembered love and chose to express it for our benefit. Working beside her will expand your perspective on the long-standing human endeavor to become free from suffering. Engaging in the practices she shares will strengthen your courage and confidence to acknowledge joy. It is your birthright; it is always awaiting you.

Depending on your interests, injuries and concerns, sequences of postures, breathing practices, mantra, visualizations, contemplation and meditation will be prepared for your practice. Body work, energy work, and methods of self-study are also offered as a means of overcoming hardship and restoring access to your higher self. A connection with your divine will be encouraged.

What you learn will depend on you. How you learn will depend on you. The way you heal will inspire healing all around you. As you progress, Megan will care for you and offer a steady hand and heart.

On the path, it’s a gift to walk with a friend.