Upcoming Events

Weird Wednesday
First Wednesday of the month @ 7pm

Please join me on the first Wednesday of every month to hang out and talk wisdom stuff! Maybe of the more esoteric variety. But no limits on how you approach it. This is for hungry spirits. For those of you ready to look deeply at truth. We all feed our wisdom from various sources. The stuff that really sticks to the ribs is always the same message– it may have aged over millennia or been plucked from the ether by an unassuming channeler a few years back.

Eckart Tolle calls the shared truth of our world’s teaching the ‘universal curriculum.’ It generally advises that we come to the moment, realize our breath, understand our patterns, avoid future suffering and experience the joy of our unchanging awareness. Let’s share the ways these ideas find us–whether through text, meditation, mom or teacher– and what we do with the lessons.

And sometimes, let’s just do something weird. Like chat and make macaroni art. Or run a three-legged race at the park. Or watch the sunset while someone plays guitar.

Who’s with me?

Please message for location.