I’ve had the good fortune to work with clients from all over the world. We find each other, I think, because we’ve witnessed our best selves in calm moments and want to cultivate more of the same. We share a fascination with movement, a search for balance and a pursuit of tranquility. Executives, dancers, and martial artists, new mothers, overworked coders, anxious students, hippies: their bodies relate stories of dreams, passions and routines and complaints.

Some of my clients have been kind enough to offer their perspectives on my work. I share these thoughts with their permission. You can also find some nice thoughts about my work on Yelp.

From David, a man of many places but principally New Jersey, Vermont, and Hawaii:

I moved to PB in August. Eager to find the right fit in a yoga teacher. Serendipity led me to meet Megan Doyle. In a town of “young immortals” I hoped I could find a slower meditative teacher. Bingo or should I say Shaktipa!  

Megan is an extraordinary yoga teacher and Masseuse. Her classes include old farts like me and young and lithe beauties. What is most remarkable about Megan’s teaching is her acute sense of the principle of union between breath and body awareness. I’ve been doing yoga off and on since 1972 and she makes the real principles of yoga accessible. Her teaching  is poetic without being pretentious. Example: the other day in Mountain pose she instructed “if you pay attention, standing is a concert of movements.” Her skill with words is no surprise since she is also a published writer of fiction and non fiction.

She also has done a stint in her short life as a lawyer for the needy. She is an elegant beauty schooled in Patanjali and Ayurveda with a great sense of humor. She is always involved in advanced training herself. There is not enough of her type of yoga but as the yoga generation ages and serious seekers develop a spiritual as well as physical practice we will need more Megans. More people of all capacities need to know about her work. See you in class.

From Wendy, an American in New Zealand:
Megan listens not only with her ears but with her heart and her hands. She brings care and consciousness, as well as a wealth of knowledge—from Reiki, Yoga, Relaxation and deep tissue massage—to each massage. As a former professional ballet dancer with more than 30 years of experience with body work and yoga (and plenty of lingering injuries!), I have well-tuned radar for authentic practice and Megan is one of those rare practitoners whose intuition and expertise I trust completely. She is quick to diagnose causes of acute pain and work out where the pain originates. She’s helped me to eliminate neck and back pain, foot and ankle problems, and is also wonderfully capable of giving a purely relaxing, unwinding massage. Try Megan and you won’t look back!  
Fei, originally from China, says:

The chance to find a masseuse like Megan is pure luck. I had limited experience with massage before I met Megan, and thought that a commercial spa was an acceptable standard of service. But the first time I had one of Megan’s massages brought me a big Woooow! Now that I’ve had a REAL massage, I can tell the difference between a ‘standard commercial rubdown’, with no emotion or energy input, and an outstanding massage like Megan’s. With Megan, I get sincere care and energy. To me, the commercial massage is like a pricy pre-packed lunch box from a supermarket, and Megan’s massage is like a home cooked dinner from a grandma’s kitchen. You will know what I mean after you have tried it. Sadly, since Megan moved back to States, I can never find another masseuse just like her– someone who not only gives a wonderful massage but also shares her kindness and wisdom.   

And from Ricardo, a martial artist and photographer from Spain, a nice letter in Spanish (translation follows):
Casi toda mi vida he ido a fisioterapeutas y masajistas de todas especialidades lo cual te acaba dando algo de criterio con el tiempo acerca de la calidad de un masajista nuevo. Tengo que decir que mis sesiones con Megan son de muy alta calidad y coerencia. No solo hace su trabajo como en principio podemos creer que cualquiera haría, sino que se preocupa por encontrar y solucionar el problema en cuestión. A todo ello añade un seguimiento de los problemas musculares en cuestión y documentandolo para observar su evolución. El trato y servicio en general es inmejorable con una comunicación sencilla y directa. En términos generales puedo decir que es una gran profesional desde la atención hasta la técnica aplicada, siendo ésta última acordada entre nosotros lo que necesito o busco. Definitivamente puedo decir que mis problemas musculares mejoraron considerablemente ya desde la primera sesión. Absolutamente recomendado a cualquiera que quiera un trabajo serio y profesional. (For most of my life, I’ve been going to physical therapists and massage professionals of every specialty, so I have a certain judgment of the skill of a new therapist. I’d like to say that my sessions with Megan are of a high quality and coherency. She not only performs her job as expected of a professional, but she seeks the cause of the problem and tries to resolve it. She also follows up every muscular issue or injury, carefully documenting the process, to observe its progress. Her manners and service are simply unbeatable; her communication, simple and direct. In general terms I can say she’s an excellent professional, from her friendly approach to the techniques used– being agreed upon by both of us as necessary. I can definitely say my muscle problems improved considerably from the very first session. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who’s after a professional and serious job.)

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