Coming home… to you.

As we journey through life, we are sometimes flustered by what feels like a great delay. We may find ourselves frustrated by obstacles, shifting circumstances or loss. Conditions change and we find ourselves feeling uncertain, insecure and vulnerable. We feel like our path has been obstructed and we don’t like it.


This year has been a wonderful opportunity for all of us to recognize the ways we respond to conditions beyond our control. Most of us lost our routines. Many of us watched the means of our livelihood become inaccessible. We learned to work in new environments, to meet in new ways and to form connections across distances we’d never encountered.

We all had to pivot.

As we learned new choreography to the evolving conditions, many of us also started to see ourselves in a new light. Outside of our established patterns, our awareness suddenly expanded. We realized deficits that needed attending. We saw strengths that would assist us. Because we felt alone or stuck, we had to find ways to source resilience. We had to care for ourselves in new ways and we had to be creative.

I’ve listened friends and students in the last several months realizing how their minds get away from them, how they recognize habits that don’t feel healthy, how they can serve themselves better. I listened as new inquiries took shape. Instead of wondering how to move strategically through the world, folks are curious about moving more gracefully with themselves.

These questions are the start of friendships re-forming. People are befriending themselves again.

Would you agree with me that here lies a treasure beneath the rubble of these very challenging times?

If you do, please consider joining me for a series of exploratory workshops intended to reunite you with you– with the parts of you who are awaiting your attention and love. You may recognize these parts as your young ones. They are those aspects of your youth who helped you survive, play, and establish boundaries.

Coming Home: a restorative cakra journey will offer a framework to locate and befriend these precious aspects of yourself. These young ones may be directing our behavior in ways that are no longer appropriate and they may have important wisdom to share. We’ll seek to understand how they influence us and how we can invite them home.

Over three consecutive Saturdays, we’ll investigate the cakras as a symbol system for personal inquiry and discovery. We’ll remember and make contact with our young ones. We’ll learn what questions we might ask to learn with and through them. Through breath, simple movement, mantra and meditation, we’ll cultivate the space to attend to them, thank them and love them. Together, we’ll create strength and peace for ourselves.

For the purpose of this series, our exploration will be limited to three foundational cakras related to our early development. You will be encouraged to make notes in a journal to deepen your experience with the practices. All students who participate will receive a short workbook and a recording of a guided meditation.

In our time together, we’ll consider the unique ways we find our stability when the world shifts and discover that our path expands in marvelous ways with change. We’ll set an intention to be gentle and honest with ourselves as we call ourselves home.

If this sounds interesting to you, please join me. If you aren’t sure but you’ve noticed that you’re ready for something different, please join me. Our beautiful, neglected young ones sing out for attention in many ways. What if we honor their call?

If you have questions, please send me a note or use the form below.

We’ll meet Saturdays, October 17, 24, 31 from 10am to 11:30am Pacific. From 11:30 to noon, I’ll keep the zoom room open for discussion, conversation and connection.

A zoom link will be provided when you sign up. Suggested donation for the three workshops is $108 or as your heart desires.

Please share with friends and come along.