Your body may crave movement and attention. Your habits may be outdated. You may hear the call of stillness or see the light growing within. Maybe you’re inclined to develop a breathing or meditation practice. Or you wish to honor a growing perception of subtle energy or a yearning to listen to spirit.

You’re a multidimensional being. Megan journeys through her dimensions to refine the way she guides you through yours. Her motivation, always, is to open hearts to love. Her purpose is to care as much as you’ll allow as you discover your way out of suffering and into deeper connection.

Take a look at her services below but please don’t feel constrained by any of them. You’re on a path. Every step you take mindfully will help you remember who you are. Megan will work with you to develop a self-care practice that serves your body, energy, mind and spirit by inviting them to unite and cooperate.

Which image calls you? What part of you wants your immediate attention?