Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a beautifully simple and effective system for restoring a tired body, soothing a troubled mind and nourishing a hungry soul. When working with Reiki, I call upon the energy of the world around us—what is sometimes referred to as the ‘biofield’—to move through me and into you. I don’t need to know what’s wrong; you don’t need to remove your clothes; I don’t even need to touch you. But, generally, I’m a hands-on worker.

A typical Reiki session will generally last approximately 50 minutes. I’ll ask you to relax on a massage table. To prepare yourself, I’ll ask you to set an intention. I’ll do the same. My intention always includes a request that the energy of the universe move through me and into you for your inspiration, upliftment and highest benefit. I’ll place my hands on various locations on your body, generally along the spine as well as the feet, head and face. I empty myself and listen in to your subtle body. Sometimes, I receive clear images that I’ll share with you if you’re interested. Often during sessions, my clients see colors, hear words, revisit old friends. Again, I’m always available to discuss your experience if you’d like to share but it isn’t necessary or required.

At the conclusion of a Reiki session, my clients usually feel rested, curious, and nurtured.

I’ve found this practice to be extremely helpful for those folks who suffer from chronic stress and are ready to find some respite. It’s also a lovely supplement to yoga therapy as it reminds the student of her body’s natural ability to heal itself. Receiving Reiki aids in recovery, resilience and awareness.

As a Reiki Master, I’m always happy to initiate others into the practice. The more we all learn to work with the energy of the universe, the more we see those patterns we mindlessly preserve that resist it. As we see our patterns, the energy around us will flow more freely to sustain and empower us. Please feel free to inquire about the process.

With your permission, my standard practice is to combine my knowledge for your ease and well-being. No matter what we do together, I’ll work closely with your energetic body. How I do so will depend on your condition, concerns and goals. My interest is guiding you toward that refined self-awareness that opens up doors to your highest potential. If that strikes a chord, let’s work together.