Yoga is presence in every moment. We are in relationship with who we are, how we are, and where we are. We learn to cherish our bodies, our minds, our spirit. Call it love. The true connection.

We remember we are home.

When you’re ready, join Megan to learn healing practices appropriate to you and your conditions. Megan will work with you just as you are, adapting movement, breath and meditation to suit your strengths and challenges. Megan is highly trained and experienced in addressing physical concerns including chronic back and hip pain, neck and shoulder tension, post-surgery rehabilitation and dysfunctional movement patterns. She is particularly skillful in guiding clients to shift perspective, using simple techniques to observe and revise interactions with the sources of pain, worry, numbness and grief.

Whether you’re seeking to relieve yourself of chronic pain, overwhelming stress, self-doubt, anxiety or grief, the source of greater ease is safely housed within you.

The tools and techniques Megan will share are simply the means to access it. They may include movement guided by the breath, seated breathing practices, simple chants and mantra, visualization, intention, meditation, ritual and prayer.

We all have our obstacles, and we all have reasons for wanting to keep them in place. Eventually, however, they stop serving any purpose at all. When you tire of repeating your patterns, please remember you can choose differently.

The choice is always yours. This is your yoga: to return and find your place with you. And everything.

If you’d like to move with me through a class, please join me (and my dog) on youtube. I hope this class will tell you a bit more about me.

please enjoy.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, send a note to Megan.

Yoga is the wise choice to be in every moment, and to honor its lesson.


Write back.

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