Soul Work

In the course of our lives, we occasionally bump up against certain knowings. We aren’t clear on the source but we recognize they arise beyond our senses. Usually, we also understand without doubt that we’re meant to pay attention to the information we’ve received. We may notice the world around us conspires to persuade us if we’re foolish enough to ignore it.

Sometimes, we simply have an instinct. We’ve seen or experienced enough in life to realize that wisdom is readily available; we just aren’t quite sure where to look or who to ask.

Likewise, many of us discover that the goals we set for ourselves don’t always supply the happiness we anticipated. Or the happiness doesn’t last. We aren’t sure what’s in the way and we have a sense that the obstacle is beyond our current comprehension.

Working with our soul is always a process of listening to remember. We forget our precious nature because we train throughout life to obscure it. We play many roles; at our most essential dimension, we’re constantly endeavoring to learn our purpose. We’re meant to remember who we are.

Who are you? This question is the origin and destination of soul work. It is a profound gifts of a true yoga practice and is based on our engaged encounter with the abundance of life in its many dimensions.

The techniques used may include guided meditation, visualization, gentle massage, breathing, chanting, contemplation, engagement with nature, ritual and prayer. Megan will facilitate the process by discussing the best approach to navigate your exploration.

Please send a note to begin your journey. Megan will contact you to make an appointment.

Our connection with the world is the source of our vitality. It is the warp and weft of love we’ve offered and received.We are the tapestry. We are the net. We support each other. We catch each other. We embrace each other.


Write back.

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