Body Work

For as long as you’ve lived, your body has traveled with you. It’s moved you. It’s healed itself of scratches, bruises and breaks. If you’ve paid attention, it’s enabled you to experience your every moment. And offered you an opportunity to realize the many ways every living creature shares in these experiences.

Sometimes, we drift away from these experiences. We lose touch with our felt sense of body and the energy that charges it. Sometimes, the touch of another will guide us back into relationship with our bodies.

Body Work with Megan may include therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic stroke and marma point therapy, energy channeling, vibrational healing and craniosacral holding.

If you’re ready to encounter and befriend your body again, please send a note to Megan. Be ready to learn about the ways mindful bodywork may encourage your wisdom, awareness and well-being.

Being is enough. Be fully as you are.


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