Massage Therapy

Over ten years ago, I did my first bodywork training with an Ayurvedic healer in Mysore, India. An insightful and practical teacher, he guided me to see beyond the body but never forget the mundane reality of physical pain. I learned to read a person’s constitution and character quickly by observing their traits, behaviors, preferences and aversions. Using their pulse and assessing their energy, it also became possible to understand their physical and mental state.

This initial training has been supplemented with a year in massage school, certification in Ayurvedic Health Education, Reiki instruction to the Master level, and ongoing study in reflexology, Ayurveda and craniosacral therapy.

Massage therapy sessions will always be tailored to your needs. My goal is to guide you toward self-knowledge in whatever way brings you calm, peace, relief and respite. I want you to feel good; I want you to feel yourself feeling good; I want you to discover that your essential self can always feel that way.

With your permission, my standard practice is to combine my knowledge of Yoga Therapy, massage therapy, Reiki, Ayurveda as well as my deeper wisdom for your ease and well-being. No matter what we do together, I’ll work closely with your physical, energetic, mind and heart bodies. How I do so will depend on your condition, concerns and goals. My interest is guiding you toward that refined self-awareness that opens up doors to your highest potential. If that strikes a chord, let’s work together.