About seven years ago, I started writing a prayer every night before bed. It was one of those phases: I’m grateful for it now, but at the time it was rough. I wanted someone to hear me. Later, I realized I was the one who had to listen.

My initial requests were for personal clarity and ease. As the nights passed and I read my prayers, the phase ended but I kept on praying. I discovered a shift. I recognized what obscured my clear view. As I worked on releasing what I could, I found a bit of ease. It startled me at first. And then it inspired me. I had to expand my prayers.

I started calling to mind everyone I knew. I wanted them to find clarity and ease too. I wanted them to feel my appreciation. I offered my gratitude for their role in my life and asked that I learn to love them more.

A year later and my prayers no longer distinguished between myself and others. I only wanted an expansion of love. I realized that I am loving. I realized that I am loved. I realized that the partnership between these two ideas renders them inseparable. They are a blessed union and bound by love. That is all of us.

We are love. Always. In all ways. I invite you into my prayers. May we all find clarity, ease and the connection that delivers us to life.

Below, my love for you in other ways.