Discussion Groups & Trainings

Discussion Groups

Sometimes, Yoga is presented as an exercise regimen disconnected from the heart and mind. Yoga is equated with ‘stretching the body.’ It’s not an untrue perception. What’s missing is a recollection of the various bodies that we inhabit.

In Yoga, these bodies are multiple. There’s the physical, the energetic, the mental, the intellectual and the spiritual.

I invite you to remember Yoga’s traditional use as a system to improve the function of the whole body. Every month, I offer a discussion group on the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.

In this group, students are encouraged to read and consider ancient texts that describe well many of our modern distractions as well as various solutions to our loss of focus. For more information, please visit my meetup page.


Do you have a group of colleagues, friends, employees, students, teammates or neighbors in need of insight? Are you interested in gathering in a community to learn some techniques to promote accountable self-inquiry that leads toward equanimity, compassion, calm and strength?

Offerings of Yoga and mindfulness training are becoming more common in the workplace. CEOs, like Mark Bertolini of Aetna, increasingly are recognizing the value of breath-centric physical and cognitive training among their executives and workers. It isn’t only that stress is reduced and productivity increased; the people themselves become more pleasant, more creative, more cooperative.

All workshops and seminars will be adapted to suit the audience. My heart bursts when I’m offered a chance to share Yoga with those who’ve never experienced it. Likewise, I’m privileged by all opportunities to facilitate a deeper understanding of the system of Yoga among those with ample experience.

I’m available to discuss presentations geared toward you and your group. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an instinct that some Yoga might benefit your community.