About Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy adapts and applies Yoga techniques to the individual based on his or her structural, emotional and spiritual conditions. Yoga is traditionally a system to guide practitioners toward self-awareness. A therapeutic approach assists those suffering from health conditions at any level to manage their conditions, reduce symptoms, increase vitality and restore balance. This will be done through a careful collaboration between therapist and practitioner to sequence a mindful ritual of movement, breathing, meditation and intention.

Yoga helps individuals develop balance. In the quiet of an intelligent and appropriate practice, practitioners discover their relationship with their conditions and recognize their resilience. With the assistance of an trained and experienced Yoga Therapist, practitioners learn to carefully observe themselves. They become conscious of actions that influence their conditions, whether these are patterns of eating, sleeping, exercising, interacting, reacting or self-evaluating. With a growing understanding of personal habits, dysfunctional patterns transform.

Change in our lives is inevitable; however, we can influence its direction. We train ourselves to respond to circumstances in ways that elevate our highest potential. By systematically replacing old, dysfunctional patterns with new ones– with new relationships, behaviors and practices, We see the power of our authority. Finally, and most importantly, we learn to be responsive to their changing conditions over time.

This is the my purpose in life: to share the Yoga teachings I’ve been so fortunate to receive; to care about others as they traverse their paths toward well-being; to connect and support.

12046568_823129781141998_7885134540573483757_nMy Yoga Therapy Training

Over the last 25 years, I’ve trained in several forms of Yoga in several places in the world. I’m so grateful to my teachers and mentors for the wisdom they’ve shared with me. It’s these teachings I call upon as I work with every client.

The most inspirational study I’ve undertaken (in a life of deep personal and academic study) has been in Yoga. And the teacher who has illuminated my path most clearly is Gary Kraftsow. His clarity is evidence of his own personal integration of the teachings of those who came before him– his teachers, TKV Desikachar, T. Krishnamacharya and the gurus of the Himalayas.

With Gary, I completed a four-year training in Yoga Therapy, culminating in a certification with the International Alliance of Yoga Therapists. This certification process is new and rigorous. It aims to legitimize Yoga as a healing tradition in the West and to protect consumers from practices that could cause injury. To ensure the safe and appropriate application of Yoga practices, the Viniyoga tradition has been a leader in the development of Yoga Therapy certification.