Let’s always be there for each other.

Please share this moment with me. I’d like to share some love in this time of fear.

Concerns over the spread of the coronavirus are understandable and we are all wise to take important precautions. Let’s all keep clean and calm, give each other adequate space and honor the body’s need for rest and isolation if we aren’t feeling well. 

Likewise, I urge you to make your decisions for self-care appropriately. I care for you.

My care for your well-being includes supporting your will to ask for what you need when you need it. This means that if you’re scheduled for bodywork with me but feel nervous about submitting to touch, please know that I understand and support your choice to forego the experience. If you aren’t scheduled for bodywork but are overwhelmed by tension from reading or watching the hysterical news cycle, you’re most welcome to schedule some time with me for bodywork, mind work or soul work.

For those of you who feel particularly compromised, but sense that you’d be supported by some time together, please know that I’m more than happy to schedule online time with you via Zoom. We can meet virtually, chat, do energy work from a distance, move together, breathe together, chant and meditate. I use the platform regularly with several clients and it’s a wonderful way to cover the distance, when distance is required.

As always, I promote a pay-as-your-heart-likes fee structure. If you’re feeling low, don’t want to leave the house, but want to try a remote, friendly spirit check-in, please give it a go. It’s so much better to maintain those important self-care regimens when times are challenging. Indeed, these are exactly the times when our practices are most required and most profound.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I give you my deep love and gratitude for every bit of wonder you’ve shared with me. Please keep me posted if there is anything I can do for you. And don’t think for a minute that this excludes even those little things you may require… a good joke, an errand, a book recommendation, a kind word. 

Let’s always be there for each other.

Also! Looking ahead is good as well… if you’ll be in San Diego, please mark your calendar for a spring equinox workshop on Saturday, March 21, 2020 from 10am to 12:30pm. We’ll consider some practices to bring balance to our bodies and our minds as we begin to turn our faces toward the sun once again.

At the NPTI Yoga Studio, 3252 Greyling Drive in Serra Mesa, CA.

Write back.

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