Those chance encounters…

On my walk this evening, in the lingering light of this extended day, I chanced upon the rising moon. Oh, hello!

In that moment, as I admired her brilliant silver face, I only knew the moon. There was no further thought for my footsteps or the cool air. Whatever thought came before let go and whatever thought would roll in waited in the depths. There was moon. And only moon. So much moon that she was totally incomprehensible. There was no need to comprehend.

Then the thought crashed gently over the quiet. It said, ‘this is a beautiful story.’

We have these chance encounters, here and there, with every breath, with every perception. When we smile at each other silently in passing, when the hummingbird hovers, when we fight, when the plan fails.

Tonight, one of the finest teachers of the dark reminded me to see the beautiful story in every experience. It may not always shine so brightly for me but it’s there. And looking is so worthwhile.

Write back.

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