Thank you.

Recently, a new friend asked me to explain my specialty. It made me pause.

I’ve admired the process of personal inquiry as friends, students, clients learn how to slow down. I’ve celebrated as they realize their worth. I’ve cried as they discover love.

Of course, there’s also the reduction of physical and emotional pain as folks come to understand why it’s present and how it guides them. That’s a joy to observe.

I also love to witness the increased freedom of movement that folks find, whether it’s in the physical, emotional or spiritual realm.

But I don’t think these things are my specialty. I think these are the results of one consistent bit of guidance that compels me to do what I do. It’s this bit of guidance, I think, that has become my specialty.

It’s gratitude. Experiencing it. Encouraging it. Being it.

Seemingly simple, I know. And so timely for us Americans as we begin to make our Thanksgiving pies. But it’s much more than saying thank you once a year.

Being in a practice of gratitude means a commitment to reverence. Can you cherish every gift life has to offer? It demands a profound engagement with our will, our faith and our resilience because many of these gifts are challenging to bear. When we begin to develop our inner resources, we cultivate the wisdom to recognize how important these challenges are. We evolve with this acceptance. We thrive with gratitude.

So I’m grateful. Thank you to my friend for her question. And thank you to all of my guides and teachers for helping me grow strong in appreciation. Every moment is precious; thank you for guiding me toward a posture from which I can honestly give thanks for each one and share the power of that expression.

If you’re ready to learn how to say thank you, again and again, please send me a note.

For now, here’s a sweet practice to begin working with gratitude. Every morning, say thank you to three things… about you, your life, your world. Every evening, say thank you to three things you learned… about you, your life, your world. Finish by saying thank you to you, just for being. Notice how your body feels when you say these words out loud. Notice what your mind does as you begin and end the practice.

Write back.

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