Come Home: a book about you.

We don’t have to suffer so much. We have our reasons for it. I’m sorry we choose to carry them. The weight can be overwhelming. Whatever the reasons may be, there’s a way to lighten the load. Even to enlighten ourselves. Slowly or quickly, depending.

You’re the condition.

The method depends on you. Which is exactly as my teachers offered it to me. And exactly the way that frustrates folks because most of us prefer to outsource our well-being. We even say, ‘I just don’t have time for myself.’ Is it any wonder we have no idea what we’re meant to do to relieve our own suffering. If we don’t know enough to prioritize ourselves, we certainly don’t know what’s going to work for us when we eventually do.

Which is probably about where you are right now.

The human story, regardless of how or where it originated, is rich with wisdom on discovering solace. Universally, it involves a journey without a geographic destination. Where we’re meant to go is within. We go inside to go home. The path to follow will depend on who we are. To understand who we are, we’ll have to inquire.

For all of this, I’ve written a book. And this is part of it.

It’s meant to offer a hand as you make your inquiries. Also to share some of my own and those of others who shared with me. I don’t really have any answers; that’s your job. I do have decent questions. I’m grateful for an opportunity to offer some of them. Your role is to proceed with compassion and honesty as you answer them. It’s your path. How you navigate is for you to decide.

Because it depends on you, you’re the one who has to pay attention. You’re the one who has to discover your methods. You’re the one who has to come home. This is your journey.

May we learn, along the way, to recognize the guideposts that remind us to care for ourselves, to love ourselves, to realize ourselves. May we commit ourselves, moment to moment, to the wonder of being ourselves. May we realize that the journey into a grateful awareness of this precious life is the destination itself. May we free ourselves from suffering.

At this stage, I give my thanks to three friends who are taking the time to read through a working draft. And thank you to another friend guiding me toward gumption as he helps me format for the publishing process. Thank you to the friend patting me on the back. Thank you to everyone who’s trusted me so I might learn and share. And thank you to the friend who sometimes makes me dinner while I wonder at putting this out from such a great distance across such a wide world.

Couldn’t you just come over and we could talk?

I’d prefer if we could all just hang out. My friend from Australia reminds me that sometimes we have to accept that long letters will suffice and even make us happy.

Thank you to her as well.

I’ll keep you posted as I get closer to sending my long, long love letter to you. If you have space in your heart, please send good thoughts that I’ve honored my teachers and their teachers and all teachers with appropriate clarity.


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