The Science of You.

Hi you! Wonderful you. Magical thing. You!

Remember back when someone in your life reminded you that you were one of a kind? Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have that now. If not, let me refresh your memory: You are unique; a right bit of you without equal. Maybe you can share that bit of information with someone close to you. Another unmatched wonder.

I tell you not to cheerlead but to lay a bit of foundation. We live in this world where we want someone to tell us what’s going on. We look at our phones to find out the weather. We wait for science to tell us what’s good for us. We refuse to believe until someone convinces us.

Unfortunately, that someone isn’t always aware of who and how we are.

A magazine article says breathing is good, meditation is good, movement is good. And pretty soon, people are doing some technique that a magazine says is good but it doesn’t feel good. Still, they do it. They try for a while. And then they start to lose interest because it sucks. The experience is frustrating. Nothing happens. Maybe meditation is good, and breathing is good, and movement too. But the article didn’t take into account the condition of the reader. Poor, gentle reader—stressed beyond belief, chronically anxious, shallow of breath with back pain. The article didn’t realize that the reader has fear of sitting still.

Now, the reader is also afraid of movement, breathing and meditation. May the reader find an invitation somewhere to try again. In the meantime, more suffering.

Which is why we might consider supplementing our dependence on external sources of information with steady inquiry into ourselves. There is information in there. About you. The information is compelling, if you are patient enough to discover it.

This is the process of self-realization. It’s simple inquiry. Introspection. Discovering your habits and patterns so you can discern appropriate means of working with them or modifying them.

There is no one better placed than you to consider you. I submit: your weather is what you see and feel when you step outside. Bring a jacket. And what’s good for you is what provides you a lasting sense of well-being and ease. Notice: lasting. Notice: ease. Who can determine what lasts and what feels like ease? That would be you.

So how do you do it? Pay attention. In all the seeking we do outside of ourselves, we neglect the potential of what’s inside. You are the wonder. You are the joy. You won’t understand the cause of you until you start to consider you. You must experience it for yourself.

See what it’s like to ask yourself the question: what do I feel right now? And wait for a moment to hear the answer. Then ask again. And wait. Gather your data and respond appropriately. Maybe it’s time to change your diet. Maybe you want to resolve your stress. Discover what your being is seeking. And consider how you might find it.

Good teachers are out there to help you but they will never replace the wisdom of you. The best teachers will guide you toward a systematic process of self-discovery. They won’t fix you or change you. That’s for you to do. The best teachers will guide you toward a loving appreciation of yourself. Toward direct experience. So you can remember your wonder. Just as the best scientists do.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead —his eyes are closed.

-Albert Einstein.

Pause, open your eyes and experience your mysterious self for yourself.

Write back.

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