Weird, Wonder, Wisdom Wednesdays

We all like a moment of weird. We all seek a moment of wonder.

And Wednesdays are sort of, well, custom-made for the contemplation of those deeper truths.

Am I right?

If I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s that the cultivation of connection—with people, animals, plants, rocks, clouds—is just about the pinnacle of our purpose. You may think you’re working to pay your mortgage but I bet there’s some ulterior motive there that involves someone else. Or at least the potential of a someone. Or you may think your purpose is to learn as much as possible about your very special field of study: ‘I’m an expert in drainwater litigation in the southern regions of Edgetucky.’ Well done, you. But who are you doing this for really? Because it puts you with clients. Or the rolling hills. Or water. It’s a connection.

And those of you who say, ‘I go it alone. I read alone. I’m the biggest introvert ever.’ You too are connecting. With authors generous enough to share their enlightenment through the ages. With poets who offer you their take on the world. With sages whose words ride on the breath of truth.

I don’t know much but I’ve observed the movement of the wind lately. It carries an offer into the trees and the leaves dance. It whispers around corners and the corners sing out secrets. Maybe I’m being a little poetic but it’s an inspiration. It suggests that the purpose of existence is simply to learn and share. To make our offers and experience the delight of acceptance. To give and also to receive.

Which is why the first Wednesday of every month is now Weird, Wonder, Wisdom Wednesday. Or just Weird Wednesday. And if you’re reading this, you’re invited. We meet and we chat about the wisdom that has traveled through the ages, across vast distances, or even just from our mothers and fathers. We share ideas that astound us with their importance. Or, we share fun that surprises us in its simplicity. We share storytelling or poetry and discover its guidance. We share food and ponder nourishment. We learn from each other and share again.

If you’d like to join us, and it’s convenient for you, please send along a note.I’ll put you on the invite list. We meet at my place. It’s sweet. We drink tea. Everyone who shows up is awesome.

Even if you can’t make it, please know that wherever you are, I’m grateful every day for the people who wander through with open hearts to exchange information with me. That includes you.

4 thoughts on “Weird, Wonder, Wisdom Wednesdays

  1. Thanks for your sweet wisdom. I loved and quoted the bit about the wind and the trees and posted the link to your full blog post.
    I am off to study with Gary Kraftsow in TX 4/22-5/4. So very excited! Thank you for sharing your poetry & prose. 🙏🏼

  2. Wierd, wonder wednesdays or simply Monday. I truly wish I could join you in person, as I am far away, you can count on me being there in spirit!! If you ever do a San Faancisco chapter, do let me know. Megan, I truly miss your wisdom and positive, encouraging wisdom. To you always greatful for your teachings.
    Peace and love,

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