Freedom in the Moment…

Here’s a reminder: we know how to find the present moment.


Become aware.


So what do we do with it?

We immerse ourselves. We engage with it. We live.

But what’s living?

It’s this…

Look around and notice your sensations, your emotions, your thoughts. Can you accept the complete situation of your present moment and see what it offers? This is your opportunity to become totally involved in your life. This is the only time you have. Your sense of the past and future is illusory. You only have now and now is the only place where you connect with everything around you.

So experience the moment and be grateful for it. Say thank you. Notice what you see. Holy cow. I promise you: you’ll see so much more.

And then, when you notice something that prompts an instinct to judge, decide if you can refrain. To refrain from judgment is to accept totally that the present situation is the truth you’ve discovered.

What if, instead of trying to correct it, criticize it, rephrase it or reform it, you instead allowed yourself to explore the information around you? What messages is the universe sending you through this moment? When you withhold judgment, you open yourself to the truth—to the lessons of truth. You’ll discover how much you’ve missed. You may never have actually heard your friend’s thoughts because you’ve always had an instinct to correct her. You may not understand your partner’s position because you always discount his sensitivity. What if you listen instead and learn? What more can you find?

This technique reveals the truth of the world. It opens the world up. It makes you realize that the world was always ready for you. Waiting for you. You’re the one who’s been closed down. When we open up, we find nourishment everywhere. In the light, the sounds, touch, taste, smell. Our senses become keen as we open to deeper communication. We become more patient as we investigate the messages out there. We learn. And what we learn is connection.

Also, as we ponder our newly connected awareness, we start to see how our persistent judging is simply a habit that holds us hostage to fear, shame, and guilt. It’s a habit that continuously depletes us of energy. A habit at the base of all the obstacles we place in our own way. Basically, a habit of a defense system that just isn’t necessary. Thankfully, it’s also a habit that can be changed as soon as we notice that judgment isn’t requisite.

So see what happens if you immerse yourself in this moment? See what’s here for you. Notice how quickly you become a judge. What if it’s okay that the way things are is the way things are? What if you decide to look more deeply? What if you accept it and engage with it with wider eyes?

Here’s a wager: I bet that your cooperation with the moment will give you a better understanding of the appropriate action to take right now. I bet your opportunities for connection will expand. And I bet that some obstacles you’ve stumbled over again and again might become surmountable or disappear.

You can high five me later.

Seriously, try it. Give it a go. Then spread the word when it works. Because it will. We’re all meant to do this. It’s the truth awaiting our discovery. And when more and more of us do it, we’ll find our way to clear minds, pure hearts and a deep connection that changes our worldview.

We’ll stop acting like hostages. We’ll share freedom.


Write back.

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