Are you connected?

People keep telling me they want to unplug. They say, ‘I’m too connected.’ They want to ditch their phones, their gadgets, their keys to unreal rooms that don’t offer a moment’s rest. They say they’re heading to nature to escape. They want to feel free. To feel unconnected.

So I wonder.

Is the compulsive behavior that has us on machines all day actually connecting us? Are we using it toward this end? Or are we escaping true connection to our world around us by directing our energies toward constant distraction? How often are we actually engaging with the myriad facets of our natural life—the cycles of our bodies, minds, seasons, stars?

The return to nature is imperative. Absolutely. The more time we spend there, the more we see… this is the true connection. And the idea of unplugging is only a literal description of discovering that the energy that powers us doesn’t have to come from the electric company. Plug in instead to the world around us. Notice how it supports you. Notice its smells, tastes, sights, sounds. Feel dirt on your skin.

This is plugging in. This is finding yoga.

And it’s available at all times to you because all of nature’s  reminders still exist, thankfully, in the tiniest bug on a leaf, on a spring flower on a succulent, in the waxing moon overhead.

You only have to decide to involve yourself…

If you don’t make that decision for yourself, who else will?



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