Looking inside instead of out.

One quick question: who’s the boss of you?

Take a moment and consider.

I’ve asked this question of a few people lately. Some answers: my wife, my kid, my dog, my job, my mortgage. A student recently suggested that it might be her shoe collection. Another student said, ‘John.’ John is in middle management.

How about this answer? Me.

(Not me as in Megan. Me as in you. The you that’s me! Thank you, Vedanta! Thank you, Rumi! Thank YOU!)

See how this feels. You’re the boss of you. You’re the authority of you. You.

How does this work? Let’s give it some thought. Take a moment to sit quietly. Pick up your index finger. Look to the right without moving your head. Did you do it? Whether you did or didn’t was your choice. If you did it, you initiated that movement. If you didn’t, you decided not to. You!

We forget sometimes that each incipient act is a decision of ours. To move, to try, to force. To love, to hate. To accept. To surrender.

I won’t go on and on about this. I’ll just leave you here with this prompt to check it out. Sit quietly outside for 10 minutes. Leave your phone off and hidden. Keep your eyes open. Now, notice. See the trees. Listen for birds. Notice the sky. Start to observe how much more you’re capable of seeing when you make the decision to witness your surroundings. See how it feels to take this additional information in. Who is it who decided to do it? Was anyone in your way? If you think someone was in your way, ask… why would I allow someone to be in my way?

Write back.

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