Treat yourself and repeat.

It’s the weekend. Prepare yourselves.

With this in mind, I’m off to Trader Joe’s to snag some coconut cream and a piece of dark chocolate. I am a woman of simple, fatty pleasures.

My mom, a clinical nutritionist, registered nurse and moderately raucous red-head, likes to say, ’80-20, Megan.’ That means, twenty percent of the time, I can do as I please… nutritionally, at least. The thing is, after spending 80 percent of my time seeking appropriate and healthful nourishment– for body and mind– I don’t feel super interested in those edibles that might compromise all that appropriate behavior. A friend of mine accused me of getting old. Well, hmph. I say: maybe this is just wisdom. See, I can’t tolerate wheat anymore, sugar leaves me comatose, meat makes me cranky and I just don’t trust anything from a box. I mean, come on. Food is meant to be fresh and sun-fueled, not stored in shadows, dead as dust in cardboard.

What seems like food snobbery to some is what I generously call discernment. (Pretend you don’t see me rolling my eyes at myself.) But it is the case that I’ve figured out a way to treat myself without surrendering to the diabetes industrial complex. When I eat fat, I eat good fats like coconut, avocado, almonds and cashews. They come loaded with essential fatty acids and seem to help the body metabolize When I want a little sweetness, I eat figs — calcium-rich and full of fiber– dates — potassium — berries — yum — and I use a bit of honey.

So, my trip to TJ’s. I’ll pick up coconut milk because I can chuck it in the ice cream machine and out comes a delicious dessert. Or I can crack open a probiotic, squeeze in some honey and turn it into yogurt. Drooling activated. And dark chocolate? Well, that comes with a bucket load of health benefits. It makes your heart happy and healthy. It improves blood to your brain and makes your blood less sticky. So I think we can all agree that it’s an imperative. Oh. My. Unknown Entity. I just remembered I have an avocado at home. Avocado shake me. (One avocado, greek yogurt, honey.)

As you head into this weekend, consider the treats you give yourself. And maybe try something new. A treat doesn’t always have to make you feel bad. If you’re willing to move away from the cardboard cemetery in the middle of the grocery store, you might find a ton of fresher yum on which to base your weekend party. Also, what about chocolate covered figs? Manna.



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