Will you be healed?

Who doesn’t love a study? I love a study because I’m a perpetual student. Give me a study and let me wallow in it like a pig in mud.

Sometimes, however, I have to remind myself to see who’s doing the studying. For example, I am not a fan of pharmaceutical-funded studies. They tend toward delusional psychosis like a garage seller oversells at 3pm– sure that’ll work for something! Maybe it’s all those meds. Or pure desperation. See: inventing disorders to treat. I suppose a gajillionaire pharma CEO could call me a cynic, but he’s only right when it comes to him and his ilk. Mostly, I’m a purebred optimist with a great faith in the capability of the body to heal itself. With help, sure, but maybe not quite so much that’s quite so chemical-y.

Which leads me back to the study. Professors at Ohio State University recently published an article in the Journal of Clinical Oncology showing that yoga helped decrease fatigue, increase vitality and lower the presence of three blood proteins that are markers for inflammation among breast cancer survivors. The trial is especially pleasing because it’s large enough to get a little attention and, instead of relying on anecdotal surveys, it sought biological confirmation to verify participants’ claims.

So let’s give a great big Huzzah to the Ohio researchers! I hope the participants in the study have established a habit of yoga in their lives and that they find the calm that makes us all kinder to ourselves and others.

Write back.

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